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Resseler plan


Hdd space

10 Gb



2-nd level domains


3-rd level domains


Users limit


Your own DNS





Price ($/month)

1 month payment 

25 $

3 month payment and more (discount 5%)

23.75 $

6 month payment and more (discount 10%)

22.5 $

1 year payment  (discount 15%)

 21.25 $




Please fill the registration form. We will contact you to agree on the details (or if you have any questions - please contact us before ordering). 

We have flexible control panel ISPmanager Pro available to you with the following features:

     * Accounts
           o Users. Creation / modification of user accounts with the possibility of setting quotas for system resources and access to additional opportunities.
           o Mailboxes. A single interface to manage user's mailbox.
           o Import the user. Moving users between servers, administered by ISPmanager.
     * Domains
           o WWW domains. Domain Management, administered by the WWW server.
           o Mail domains.
           o Domain names. Manage DNS (Domain Name System).
     * Tools
           o File manager. Access to the file system server.
           o Database. Database Management MySQL and PostgreSQL, users, access, etc.
           o Support Center. Ticket System to support your users with the opportunity to question senior administrators.
     * Statistics
           o use of resources. Monitoring of the resources used by the server.
           o Traffic. Statistics of traffic, divided by the users and the types of services.
     * Settings
           o Templates. Setting the template to create a user.
           o Settings DNS. Settings for creation of domain names.
           o Rotation of the logs. Office of the rotation of log files, www server, and processing statistics.
           o Patterns of letters. Configuring mail notifications distributed to users.
           o Settings panel. Setting individual parameters to work with ISPmanager.


We help with installation and referencing billing system (to the panel ISPmanager Pro)