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Resseler plan


Hdd space

10 Gb



2-nd level domains


3-rd level domains


Users limit


Your own DNS





Price ($/month)

1 month payment 

25 $

3 month payment and more (discount 5%)

23.75 $

6 month payment and more (discount 10%)

22.5 $

1 year payment  (discount 15%)

 21.25 $




Please fill the registration form. We will contact you to agree on the details (or if you have any questions - please contact us before ordering). 

We have flexible control panel ISPmanager Pro available to you with the following features:

     * Accounts
           o Users. Creation / modification of user accounts with the possibility of setting quotas for system resources and access to additional opportunities.
           o Mailboxes. A single interface to manage user's mailbox.
           o Import the user. Moving users between servers, administered by ISPmanager.
     * Domains
           o WWW domains. Domain Management, administered by the WWW server.
           o Mail domains.
           o Domain names. Manage DNS (Domain Name System).
     * Tools
           o File manager. Access to the file system server.
           o Database. Database Management MySQL and PostgreSQL, users, access, etc.
           o Support Center. Ticket System to support your users with the opportunity to question senior administrators.
     * Statistics
           o use of resources. Monitoring of the resources used by the server.
           o Traffic. Statistics of traffic, divided by the users and the types of services.
     * Settings
           o Templates. Setting the template to create a user.
           o Settings DNS. Settings for creation of domain names.
           o Rotation of the logs. Office of the rotation of log files, www server, and processing statistics.
           o Patterns of letters. Configuring mail notifications distributed to users.
           o Settings panel. Setting individual parameters to work with ISPmanager.


We help with installation and referencing billing system (to the panel ISPmanager Pro)



99% Uptime Guarantee

99.pngNo matter what service you choose and what plan we understand that uptime is the most important factor for every customer. We guarantee for our customers not less then 98.9% uptime for any kind of service.

24/7 monitoring

tele.pngWe monitor our customer`s servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. In case if something happens to the server (for example HDD brokes) our operater would replace it as soon as possible. We monitor servers working load, traffic load, bandwidth balance, HDD space, running services and etc.